Reaching the goals of innovation and Competitiveness

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Reaching the goals of innovation and Competitiveness

Brazil is a country of entrepreneurs unprepared, but with milhões opportunities, result measured by the thousands of businesses that open every year, but that, unfortunately, closes in the first few months, according to SEBRAE.

With the current economic scenario, according to Crespo (2014), one can see that unemployment is increasing, and there is thus a need for re-design people his professional life. In this context, it is necessary that these people find a way to undertake before market. According to Reinaldo Days, a society is a group of people occupying a common territory, have a common culture and sense of shared identity. the author claims that the companies are joined by means of social relationships, not only between individuals but also between social institutions (family, education, politics, Economics). And because they are interconnected invariably change in a society, leading to change in others. For Reinaldo days, the social institutions establish a link between past, present and future: they continue to social life. Human enablement is the ease to work as part of a group and to carry out a joint effort with the other components on the team.

Ability to see a good investment opportunity. -the counter should always be aware of and understand the opportunities that the market offers, gathering necessary conditions to make a good deal and calculate the chances of project success. Accounting is a source of information for development grow safe. After all, the accounting records will provide information about costs, and taxes. We must not forget that there are entrepreneurs that arise because of the circumstances, as in the case of Brazil where unemployment is high and leads people to seek new markets/opportunities, which contributed to that are in the world rating of countries with the highest level of entrepreneurship.

Have Barreto (1998) argues that entrepreneurship is the ability to build something of little or almost nothing. entrepreneurship, according to the author, has to do with a behavior, not a personality trait. entrepreneurship has been discussed since the beginning of the 20th century by economist Joseph Schumpeter in 1950, Treaty also by Michael e. Gerber is considered as a different form of business in 1990 and by José Carlos Assis de Silva in 2001. Some acts are striking and selflessly provide reflection according to the law of Gérson there are people who like to take advantage of everything, in order to take advantage of every situation to his benefit, disregarding common good, not care about ethical, legal, or moral. The term originated in an advertisement, in 1976 for cigarettes Vila Rica, in which half a point guard selection Brazilian football Gérson period protagonist. After his speech, it would be ideal to take advantage of everything. Meet client is basic. What are the personal characteristics: age, sex, socioeconomic status, educational level, where you live, what you do, your personal interests, their values, what their buying habits, your needs, aspirations and expectations as to what you want to buy. All these data are required for a management centered using Silk management accounting.

This study will contribute to knowledge development relating to entrepreneurship and business plan for both the academic administration as for society as a whole, since it involves not only wide field of activity and implementation of entrepreneurship and business plan but refers to the specific thread profile. And may also be used as a source of research for potential entrepreneurs wishing to enter the retail footwear branch of the city of Itumbiara. Ability to analyze and know how to handle changes are fundamental in an entrepreneur, you must verify every situation that happens, find solutions and mold yourself and the company in General. Other features that can be listed is a desire to seek improvements, self-motivation, search for solutions and other features that are positive and the entrepreneurs themselves. According to the assertions about economy concluded that economics is the study of how society determine what to produce.

But the author says that entrepreneurs are these differentiated people that have a passion for what they do, and for that reason, are the revolutionizing world. So he concludes that role of entrepreneurs has always been basic in society. Dolabella (1999) emphasizes that it is not enough to see the opportunity, you have to be able to grab it at the appropriate time. And that to hold on to it, you must have the conditions to develop it; ability to get financial, technological and human resources, as well as learn to manage them. To Innovative Group: entrepreneurship has gained intensity in early 1990, with the opening of the economy, ease the entry of imported products that was critical for parents to grow back, and with it, prices passed to be more stable ". In addition, many people have chosen entrepreneurial careers, as this appears to offer greater economic and psychological rewards than a routine wage labor. Programs, such as SEBRAE, endeavor to identify potential entrepreneurs within society and, to some extent, to teach entrepreneurship. In Brazil, the Schwab Foundation has as a partner the leaf, where together they carry out events to reward Social Entrepreneur.

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