Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education and Wisdom

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Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education and Wisdom

Did not exist in Paraiba any MBA with this focus. Now, entrepreneurship is being implemented in our State in the three levels of education through PNEE (National Entrepreneurial Education Program of Sebrae): on basic education, on the upper level and graduate. This is a seed that is being planted and will generate several fruits, with innovative ideas for the business world. It is through education that we can change things, "said technical analyst from Sebrae Paraíba, Nelijane Raju.

The origin of the terminology and nomenclature social entrepreneurship social entrepreneur, both arising from the translation of the French language (social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneur), the emblem used in English and broadcast by the founder of ASHOKA, social enterprise and also by the English author Charles Leadbeater. Although the terms are contemporaries, the practice of social entrepreneurship has many examples throughout human history, promoted by people who have achieved notable progress in public health, education among others. I always see with good eyes the presence of two tips in one event, for in rule of sound management as inevitable as the structured development of employees as strategic understanding and plans to run, also requires something extra to form the make a bigger motivation for running. MATTAR, Joaquin. Constructive agent: how to lead and be led without losing the lead. Dracena: Regis University Publishing House, 2004. wPós is largest and most successful graduate program the distance of Brazil. Developed by Unyleya from 2009, is innovative in the design of the courses offered and a pioneer in the methodology used. The Agency 217 is a junior company formed by students of Ibmec, that act in the area of Marketing and communication for the purpose of solving, in an innovative way, the challenges presented by their customers.

For Melo Neto & Froes (2002), social technologies are true institutional arrangements "so defined and implemented" by associations, Governments (federal, State and municipal), universities, managing teams of programs and social development projects in the community, trade unions and members of that community. So if one day someone asking for your hand, and even that without explanation, accepted by the feeling that a sleep is good with a dream, the type who forgets to wake himself. When he joined the MBA Insper in 2010, Antonio Pinto was not part of that statistic. But shortly after finishing the course, he left office in a logistics company and set out to own business, administrative support to the events. Most of my colleagues worked in large companies, but there was longing to have his own business ", points.

Many things we did, they ran out of the expected effects, while others, who were not strokes, there were plans and brought positive news. Franco (2004) considers that any development is always an innovation. As for local development, the author puts a formula "highlighting development with innovation. So, one can say that social entrepreneurs are reformers and revolutionaries who, rather than seek to improve their own financial life, seek to improve the whole environment for their actions. Its action is concentrated on obtaining advantages for the community and aims to transform own savoir-faire of those involved from organized actions via the capital, human capital and productive capital. (GALVÃO, 2010). Every result is something to be gained by the combination between how "and that" If you offer. the success of an activity will be facilitated when we equip of conditions facilitating the lifelong professional relationships, towards their support and evolution. in the growth of urban poverty. And recent statistics show that economic development has increased poverty and social inequality. We tried a number of times to play your video however there was an unforeseen error. We have notified our engineers.

Brazilian universities also offer a course in partnership with schools abroad, providing excellent knowledge about management, international experience and contact with people of different nationalities in the same * di class. All this market, it's not so new, started in the eighty years in Brazil, still, has plenty of room to grow and attract more candidates to manage businesses. in College-educated professionals in various fields of expertise, who wish to empower to deploy and manage innovation processes in their public or private companies, to small, medium and large. Entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professors, and professionals. If it was possible to understand, thanks! But don't ask me for further explanation, since only words don't reflect the feelings or the correct forms as indeed reinvented how we feel.

It is important to note that for GEM entrepreneurship is any attempt to create a new business or new venture, whatever, such as a stand-alone activity, a new company, or the expansion of an enterprise that already exists, for an individual, groups of individuals or for already established companies. These data, however, are much criticized, since they do not consider that the vast majority of companies closing before the first year of life. Melo Neto (2002) outline the theme of sustainable societies which hold the power of mobilization, characterized by high investment in human factor-food, health, education, professional training, high employability-without the tendency to high concentration of wealth and income ". This society has the capacity to find and carry out new alternatives to promote its own development. A society that knows how to innovate in terms of employment and income generation and seeking new forms of social integration ". (MELO NETO, 2002). Innovation and Digital Marketing-social networking and digital tools to leverage business, ideas and projects.

Current surplus-called leftovers "in the cooperatives has its destination determined by the workers. Apart, in General, is intended for reinvestment and can be placed in a trust indivisible ", which do not belong to the partners individually but only to they're collective. Another part, also reinvested, can add the value of the shares of members, who are entitled to cash them when they pull out of the company. resulting from the leftovers is generally intended for an Education Fund, to other social funds "(culture, health etc.) and eventually to the division between the partners, by criteria adopted by them. Therefore, the company's capital is paid under any solidarity pretext, and so there is no profit ", as this is as much as economically provided by income legal capital investment. (SANTOS, 2005, p. eighty three-eighty four).

Ortega added that an MBA is not very sought after by entrepreneurs. On the contrary, those looking to do an MBA are people who have already had an experience of working in the corporate area and wish to have his own business in the future. MBA offers a vi are overall running a business, contribute to that mature professional pes but with and professionally, improve leadership skills and expand community professional, "says Ortega. He complete Mint that MBA brings an overview that will finance up to advertising and marketing, production management or human resources. Also gives a training was very important for understanding the company environment and a very useful training in skills such as leadership or teamwork, "he says. ultimate MBA project of Carlos III is a business plan, which is required of the students so that they develop a feasibility study of an own business idea.

According to LUIZ (1993) says: the main purpose of Organization and methods consists in principle of rationalization of working methods so as to enable the individual to produce more and better in a unit of time. Indeed, the simple application of a rational work method, as Harry Miller, with the same use of human and material resources, can increase the labor productivity. This course is intended for senior professionals in various fields who need to acquire or deepen their knowledge about innovative techniques of Marketing, finance, and management. the program was developed for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, current and future, about the strategic and operational needs of their companies, integrating them and giving them effectively, according to the political, economic and social scenarios in the Brazilian context. OLIVEIRA, Elroy. social entrepreneurship in Brazil: Fundamentals and strategies.

Development agents are, dessert, education agents in a broad sense of this concept, that is, as much as interaction capable of emerging new powers and skills, increasing the ability to boost potential as social environments favorable conformation to the occurrence and reproduction of this kind of interaction (educational) ... Such development officers work in organizations and communities to contribute to mobilizing the creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial private person and collective awakening, encourage cooperation and polycentric role (or multi-lead), lead to the capture and the multiplication of endogenous resources in solving local problems, horizontalize relations between groups, individuals, and organizations, encourage emergence and animate functioning networks of social actors , open new models and new participatory processes, decisions and procedures, democratic include new actors in the public sphere and expanded and stimulate the collective intelligence.

Primary data was used, where a pre-interview and two interviews with the administrative manager of the Association of craftsmen, as well as artisan-seller with relevant issues of the day-day, planning, creation and design, production and marketing among other important aspects of the project. There have been two interviews with a consultant of Sebrae-Jacarezinho (social entrepreneur Association); Exchange of emails with the responsible for enterprise outsourcing consultancy (also of Sebrae), as well as contacts with the Mayor of the municipality. Secondary data, there was a survey of informational requirements described below taken from the website of the institution, documents, and newsletters, containing the statements of the group qualified for the production of craft. In the literature of the subject, willing to stand out important points for reaching the knowledge of social entrepreneurship and the application of social capital in outlying communities, leaving the possibility for new studies from the applied method of development native and sustainable.

As seen, the reasons of entrepreneurship is that he seeks the realization of who uses this method of work, stimulates development as a whole, and native development, supporting small business, expanding the technological basis. With that, creates jobs, avoid traps on the market that are focused and re-orient Brazilian stimulus speed changes to international trends, adapt to the market with ethics and citizenship. On the other hand, there are organizations such as Instituto Links without the aim of profit are great examples of entrepreneurship, promotes activities that take advantage of untapped resources, as the skills of his own population, and materials such as construction debris. Be special is never giving up when in the storm, thinking that everything ends at pre-set dates type: beginning, middle and end.


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