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ICE Portal Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is that individual who develops the art to undertake, to conquer and change. To be an entrepreneur one needs to learn to externalize what is and always has been. The word entrepreneur, is related to its own being, to your ego.

We need the use of rationality, but we must not forget the emotion and intuition. It is necessary that we are always seeking balance. An entrepreneur needs to set targets and objectives, seeking the means to achieve them; have to set very well your business, its customers, and suppliers, set mission and don't forget that compete in an environment full of threats and opportunities. There are various market niches that are unexplored and for a small business is a lot easier to use strategic maneuvers by changing your market, products, services; than for a larger sized that does not have this flexibility. Creativity/Innovation-Generates new ideas and original approaches and uses them to improve or develop new processes, methods, systems, and many others. Open and thinking outside the usual schemes to solve problems, despite the obstacles and/or resistance. For Prabu Hartigan, social entrepreneur, and has many profiles, can be a physical or legal person, and act in the private sector.

Be an entrepreneur does not concern only one skill cream, depends on much more effort, the monetary return is almost a consequence, be entrepreneurial means generate a lot of money, but undertake projects, and mainly have an attitude. According to Ana Paula, professor of Social Entrepreneurship Centre of administration of the third sector of the FEA/USP, João Teixeira, to carry out innovation in social entrepreneurship, is necessary to have a humble posture, facing the problems as a whole, because it is possible to find ways to collaborate with the company, says Teixeira. As Teixeira, with these innovations, private companies are for funds to support projects, campaigns, focusing on education, environment, community development and art education, where your audience are children and adolescents.

The entrepreneurial company is one that seeks solutions, encourages constant learning, learn from new and existing best practices in the market. In addition to the entrepreneurial company being a company focused on the constant development of new solutions, is also native to that ultimate involvement will make the company find solutions and new opportunities. Despite this, there is no reason for pessimism, we have to believe in Brazil and dream of building a country of entrepreneurs, which are effective agents of change in our society. Noting that issue at hand is: Let's see society Changing Entrepreneurship in Brazil some examples of success.

The economy can be set like this: a study of how people and society decide to employ scarce resources that could have alternative uses, to produce a variety of goods. This is a common issue to be raised, and no wonder, since if you can't learn to be an entrepreneur, why waste your time? Do you agree? The good news is that you can learn Yes and be part of entrepreneurship. Therefore, it behooves all accounting class spread the need and importance of accountancy for companies as a management tool, given the subsidies provided by science in the relevant business management process. One of the first entrepreneurs in history was Marco Polo, who tried to establish a trade route with East after signing a contract with a financial backer.

Anyone who undertakes believes in its potential, offers leadership and can easily work in a team. In addition, entrepreneur knows that a failure is just an opportunity to learn and be better, and not shake with that entrepreneur profile consisting of accepting challenges and seek viable solutions for solving problems, inspire confidence, motivate, delegate responsibilities, form teams, create a climate of moral high ground, namely share ideas, listen, accept reviews, praising and criticizing people , stand firm in their purpose, seeking viable goals even in adverse situations, control their impulses to fit when the situation demand changes, be open to studying, stay informed, anticipate problems, analyzing them and devote himself fully and so excited to your business. You are undertaking in Brazil. I'm not going to fool you. During your way, you will find challenges such as heavy taxes, bureaucracy, little access to credit, antiquated labor laws, unfair competition, infrastructure bottlenecks, lack of skilled professionals, little entrepreneurial education. in the growth of urban poverty. And recent statistics show that economic development has increased poverty and social inequality.

According to FORTUNE (1998) says: A fairly comprehensive conceptualization of the financial system could be a set of institutions that, somehow, to work to provide satisfactory conditions for maintaining a flow of resources between savers and investors. financial market? where process these transactions? allows an economic agent any (an individual or company), without prospects of application in any endeavor itself, saving that is able to generate, is placed in contact with each other, whose prospects for investment exceed its savings deposits. Thus, the financial market can be considered as a dynamic element in the economic process since it allows high rates of savings and investment.

Degree in computer science, systems developer, CVO and founding partner of INFO.SETACCESSCONTROL(SECURITY), a company of development of systems of Curitiba, with 16 years of existence. Startup model enthusiast, Director of Startups and Acceleration of Assespro-PR, participating in three years within the Startup Circuit, with four awards, two programs of acceleration and launching over 15 Startups. Recently got hooked on the world of Internet Marketing and time accelerates Project Lead Lovers, a complete platform for digital sales funnel management. According to Drukerr (2014), entrepreneurs always want more, not conform only to improve and innovate, seek new directions for their ventures, act in the same way, with the same intensity and dedication in a large company or a simple private business person.

Planning is a success factor for any business, for this reason, the entrepreneurs plan every step of your business should take, since, until the business plan presentation for investors, having in mind how everything should work (CHIAVENATO, 2005). Aware of the economic situation of the company, an entrepreneur may reduce the risks of the company out of the market. And it is also useful when an investor looks at a company, just so he can have measurable data. Is a great opportunist, risked, was dared to offer a big company, was very successful, their brand is known worldwide, turned his idea into a great opportunity, became man more and Rico got tired, retiring, going to turn your dream, but ceases to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the world.

GEM report of 2009 reached an increase of 25% compared to the year 2008, with regard to countries covered by the survey, a total of 54 Nations by providing more entrepreneurial activity information around the world. The participating countries were stored, for the purpose of facilitating a comparison between them in three categories: savings based on the extraction and commercialization of natural resources, or issue-pushed; savings and efficiency-oriented industrial production in scale, or effectivity-driven; and innovation-based economies or simply innovation-pushed. So, that mobilizes volunteer work, is the awareness of problems face with reality, which leads the fight for a perfect or commitment to a cause, for it then, the social practice.

To undertake with success very best is that entrepreneurs prepare taking courses, knowing your potential clients, developing a business plan and presenting your idea with an edge, something that conquers consumer. (According to the magazine of Administration Sciences-v. 8, no. 15). Daniel Susskind is a lecturer in economics at Balliol College in Oxford, where he works as a professor and researcher. Previously worked in the British Government-in-the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit and as Senior Political Advisor at the Official Office. Sustainable entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial process: in search of new business opportunities as a solution to social and environmental problems. Economics and management magazine. Paraná, v. 12, n. 29, p. 141-162, may/Aug. 2012. The company must not only rely on strategies offered by the administration but also by the accounting so he can keep entrepreneurship as a form of new strategic vision in the contemporary world.

When it comes to entrepreneurial aspirations Brazil adopted one position shy, with HEA (high-performance index) in the value of zero .5%, behind nearly every Latin America countries considered in this analysis. Just over 50% of the entrepreneurs do not have a hope of creating jobs within five years, making a the year of 2009, one of the most limited in this criterion. In relation to the capacity of creating new products or services by entrepreneurs, Brazil showed up with one of the lowest rates of a novelty among all participating countries, little more than 15%. The intensity of the competitiveness criterion, the Brazilians showed disregard correctly your niche market, because 95% of respondents said they were subjected to some form of direct competition. Of these around two-thirds then subjected to too much competition.


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