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Study entrepreneurship is to study the behavioral nature of the human being in the face of challenges. the focus is on the idea of the path not taken previously, in the way I haven't chosen by someone. To entrepreneur, the same old things can be seen with different eyes. This is an exercise in perception and reformulation of established concepts and inherited through knowledge generally experienced by other people. Is to see the world through new eyes, with new concepts, with new attitudes and purposes.

Rewind: the year 2000. Brazil celebrates its 500 years, the Olympics are happening in Sidney, American beauty "won Oscar and have a dictionary on your lap. Browsing there by the letter and ", between" employee ", a great emptiness. Where's ' entrepreneurship ' "? Does not have. But I hear this word since I understand why people "! As it is, well, more or less simple as undertake means overcoming challenges, learn new things, and put into practice new ideas. All this without counting the technical demands and practices how to make cash flow, financial planning and advertising and marketing, inventory management and people, bonus policy, a lot of things. And completely different areas. Almost half of businesses close their doors within two years, according to data from the Brazilian support Service for Micro and small enterprises (SEBRAE). The main reason is the lack of managerial skills, entrepreneurial capacity, and operational logistics. In a globalized world is increasing the need for competence, attitudes, entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism, only a skilled professional and qualified to offer a quality service.

When a person decides to follow the path of entrepreneurship must create value for the society, even with few resources, you need to ensure that client feels satisfied with what was offered. The author of the book Google Marketing ", one of the best-selling books of advertising in the country, going for its fourth edition, with more than 1000 pages, more than 100 instances and hundreds of nominations of tools for micro and small business owner. The 4th edition of the book will be released in Brazil and in Europe, in addition to all the countries of the Portuguese language. corporate entrepreneurship means to apply the entrepreneurial attitude within corporate, that is, of a company. The presence of entrepreneurs in a company promotes its growth. Longitude entrepreneurship program has a beginning, middle and end. All content has been prepared so that you can, not only be guided in the development of your company's business plan or idea but also assess their entrepreneurial intentions, as well as perform a self-evaluation process.

As, Reinaldo Days (2005), may, with plenty of tranquility, the emergence of sociology in the 19th century, as a result of the need of men to understand the numerous social problems that were arising in unseen proportions due to industrialization began in the 18TH century. Starting from a rural reality, in that the functions and social relations presented little complexity, companies (primarily English) encountered in the 19th century, with more complex structures, which developed around the new industrial reality. the author claims that the existing disciplines were insufficient instrumental in explaining the new social phenomena. Then comes up hence the need for a new science, i.e., exact sciences and natural, to try to explain reality. Is the sociology, in your home, with the specific goal of systematically study the social behavior of groups and human interactions, as well as the social facts that generate and their interrelation.

Myth! Only 11% of Brazilian entrepreneurs beginners say that product or service offering is innovative, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Is one of the worst rates in the world, along with Bangladesh and Trinidad and Tobago. One of the problems is the Brazilian market have restrictions on imports, they let cozy entrepreneurs "(show more in this article), but they also need to have bigger dreams: only 10% of entrepreneurs are planning to hire more than five people five years after starting a business. In Turkey, are 59%; in Chile, 36%; in the United States, 30%. As Reinaldo Days (2005), a social institution is a complex and organized system of relatively permanent social relations, incorporating values and common procedures and meets certain basic needs of society. More than half of the complete of Brazilian municipalities is Scale-ups (2,806 cities), including Oiapoque (AP) and Chui (RS). In addition, almost 60% of these companies are in cities with less than 500,000 inhabitants. That is, before moving to a big city, thinking that will transform your business, think about if it's not more important to create a better product or service, that has clients throughout the country, from the Oiapoque to the Cop.

This means that decision makers should question assumptions about how the world will work tomorrow so that they can anticipate the appropriate decision to use opportunities. Otherwise, work on decision-making only when the situations arise can probably make them unsuccessful because they were late. Entrepreneurs are people who have the ability to view and assess business opportunities; provide necessary resources to put them into advantages, and initiate appropriate action to ensure success. Are action-oriented, highly motivated; take risks to achieve their goals. a financial market where trade high sums of digits and involving mainly financial institutions make there is development and economic growth. Companies, in turn, must use these intermediaries to meet your cash flow and in turn, thus promote themselves and have strategic entrepreneurial vision without which it will find difficult to position and remain on the market. So, we always support entrepreneurs we admire: entrepreneurs Endeavor-among they are names like Wilson Point, Leila Velez, Marcelo Sales and Bento Koike-help us in this mission, along with an incredible network of ambassadors and mentors, to spread the cause of entrepreneurship. DRUCKER, Peter Ferdinand. Innovation and entrepreneurship: practice and principles. São Paulo: Thompson, 1986.

But what is undertake? The act of undertaking requires action and readiness on various situations and environments in which will develop the activities undertaken, so the task is increasingly complex and requires a study on what makes an individual entrepreneurship to a greater or lesser degree of expertise and study on entrepreneurial talent and skills developed. Considering the goals, for the realization of this survey research was classified as descriptive which involved quantitative and qualitative methods. Based on bibliographic and documentary research, through the application of a questionnaire containing: 20 questions, being closed and 15 open 5 entrepreneurs the segment analyzed. To determine the data collected, used simple statistics and content analysis.

There are many reasons as to why we haven't reached that number, as the lack of preparation of Brazilians to undertake and the tax growth brings complexity (and we talked to more depth here). author Reinaldo Days (2005), reports that even in this same year, the roots of inequality in Brazil do not differ from those of other Latin American countries. The form of colonization, the profound external dependency of the country, the accumulation of wealth by the higher layers of the population, the historical marginalization of significant portions of the population (Blacks, for example, failed to increase their social inclusion), the administrative practices that favored political patronage and favored diversion of funds, could explain the situation of poverty, inequality and poverty in which he lived a significant portion of the population.


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