FIAP Innovates With MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship and Cloud Computing

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FIAP Innovates With MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship and Cloud Computing

Empower future entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs already in the market through a vision and practice aimed at tackling the challenges inherent to the activities of micro and small enterprises. Introduce the general concepts concerning the management of entrepreneurship and management of micro and small. Provide knowledge about the processes and techniques necessary for the opening of new businesses. Provide the knowledge and techniques related to advertising and small business strategy. Introduce the concepts about the use of technologies in everyday business, as well as financial and operational decisions about investments.

Are people who build your product, deliver your service, relate to their customers. Let's talk about the main challenges related to human resources. Felippe de Andrade Toni, information technology research for public administration, including in the axis of his research: the transparencies in the actions of the Government, integration of information with public information systems, electronic government, and Government citizen interaction. BS in system analysis and information technologies, with an emphasis in systems management, from the Faculty of Technology of São Paulo State-FATEC Ourinhos-SP, postgraduate MBA production management for UTFPR, chronicler of the NP and the newspaper Northern Pearl. Features article published at the United Nations, UN. Acts on the private initiative as project analyst PMO.

strategic thinking has to be an ally to the company today since it is him you can create scenarios and solidify and remain in the market. entrepreneurship has strategic thinking as a tool available to the business environment because the Organization counting on the attributes that entrepreneurship offers to assist in its management form creating a new market vision and therefore in the correct decision-making. However, Ambro zip clarifies that entrepreneur who opened his own company and always worked on it can be accepted in an International MBA. Embarking from his youth also means that there is plenty of professional experience and especially leadership and many schools add value to that, "he says. He comments that the admis sions directors will merge in the same room with students who have had experience in varied with other multinationals that have life because both groups have a lot to share.

Yet in testimony of Aline de Souza Junior Ferreira and Cristiane Rodrigues de Melo (COMFIBRA NEWSLETTER, 2008-2009), indicate the stimulus efforts and investments in social capital from social entrepreneurs, since the cited artisans were able to identify their future intents, opening the horizon knowledge to attend college, and may provide more improvement in the quality of life of the whole family as well as improving the physical and psychological health, based on achievement of self-realization and complement of self-esteem. That is the importance of entrepreneurial Pedagogics ", indoctrinated by Dolabella (2003), they put in future entrepreneurs, generate new knowledge capabilities", conducted by a "platform consists of knowing" or four pillars of education: learning to know, learning to do, learning to coexist and learn to be Still "empowerment" perceived by Melo Neto and Froes (2002), appears in those people who are in situations of social risk motivated by professional and personal self-realization for the change of their own realities.

Training, leadership, and development of the human being is part of the goals identified at the beginning of the project, but the management of those processes becomes easier when there is Exchange of experiences, as well as the promotion of research, the motivation for the creation, and logically, refinement of design and production. Before the exposed by Fortune companies in contemporary days must be aware and ready to again because after all only will remain in the competitive market and difficult the company possess focus, financial dynamism to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the financial markets and thus evolve in their growth and development. You will learn that no school will teach you about entrepreneurship. After all, you learn entrepreneurship in practice, doing, or, at least, who has also done. Everything we see here is the result of practice and concepts that I experienced on a daily basis in my own endeavors. Let's address behavior and the different ways of entrepreneurship these days. And of course, breaking many paradigms. Starting a business is no easy task, keep it and pry it, even less. Most of the deals these days close in the early years of operation by management problems. Again, we were taught and prepared for this, the academic and the business world reality are too far apart.

This research has been previously in bibliographic survey, such as: research in journals, books, websites on the Internet (web) articles published in scientific journal, addressing theme, as well as, other authors who have written in the area of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development native, always looking to achieve the goals presented in the context of the focus of the work. He was soon held a research activity in the field, with interviews and questionnaires in a craftsmen Association legally constituted non-profit, structured from a project of SEBRAE Jacarezinho-PR, to demonstrate the reality of deploying a social enterprise structured; and if it appears as an alternative to tackling the problem of peripheral community of native socioeconomic studied.

Thus, a community is sustainable when there is participation, interaction,-high capacity management – initiative; production; Joint; mobilization; "organization by placing the maintenance of awareness and awareness of a sense of solidarity, preserving a homogeneous identity with a common purpose, as shown in Figure three. Optional module for students interested in deepening their knowledge of you, plus registrations and certificates for extension modules. You can make as many subjects of interest, along with the regular Executive MBA class in innovation and Entrepreneurship. See our services and check out the rules. We can't just think about them changes, there will be a day where you have to face your fears to discover, not to you, but that you absent. Free shipping on purchases over Brazil 99 R$: mobile (accessories), Informatics (accessories), Games (games and accessories) and Adventure and leisure. All teachers over these four years, I was taught, led and motivated so I came to an end.

For Reinaldo Days (2005), education is one of the basic activities of human societies; is process by which the company seeks to transmit their traditions, customs, and skills to younger people. According to the author, in primitive societies, education usually occurs by contact of children with parents, relatives, and friends. In modern societies, the family lost its importance in teaching, however, in these, no need of specialized educational bodies to which individuals have other types of instruction. Among the members of the group, must remain the ideals of solidarity, solidarity initiatives, as well as to civility, love the Earth, respect local culture and traditions and knowledge of its history ". This note de Melo Neto, it is pertinent to point out an aspect of the strengthening of citizenship, namely those involved in social responsibility project for deployment of this sustainable community-must know their rights, fighting for the latter, mobilizing so, to carry out the necessary changes in decisions that may affect their lives and destinies. "

MBA will have a workload of 360 hours. The classes will be every 15 days, on Friday nights, 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, and on Saturdays, from 8:00 to 5:00 pm. There will be an international module held in Israel. In this country, the gang will spend a week visiting companies and technological centers of universities. In today's world theme of metrics for companies and startups is being revolutionized by differentiated approaches that aim to validate the results and development of business enterprises in shorter deadlines. Characterize some of these tools and approaches X practical examples of application. Developed in partnership with the Federal University Fluminense (UFF) and with support from the National Department of SESI, to sense specialization course was released in 2010 and is unheard of in Brazil, being a pioneer in the application of principles of entrepreneurial management in the school environment. As Reinaldo Days (2005), unlike Marx, Max Weber (1991), insisted that the only feature of social reality (such as social class, based on the system of relations of production) did not fully outline the disposition of a person within the stratification system. Weber uses three dimensions of society to identify her existing inequalities? the economic, social and political, which are related to three components: class stratification distinguished analytically (wealth), status (Prestige) and power.

In the distance, to sense graduate course lasts 360 hours class, about 18 months, and with the requirement of four meetings. It consists of 14 disciplines and didactic materials itself. In all, 160 students participate in this edition. Later, the course will be made available in modules. Graduated in law and with post-graduation in business law and Project Management, run three years ago Office of entrepreneurship at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa-Portugal. After having founded NEW Entrepreneurship Society, a Club of entrepreneurs of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and has been CEO at Pocketed, occupy my free time giving training in entrepreneurship and help entrepreneurs to build their businesses. Young Latin American Leader, senior fellow of the Luso-American. Startup Project Manager of NEW Entrepreneurship Society and the United States Embassy Lisbon. Mentor in the Startup Weekend Évora, Lisbon and Porto and 3-day startup Lean startup Machine. Consultant in Portugal and Mozambique. To my friends in class, Flávia Padilha, and James Murer, always present at all times, especially the hard supporting and motivating me. Margaret Sanger (USA): founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, who led the movement for family planning efforts worldwide.


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