Concept of Entrepreneurship

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Concept of Entrepreneurship

Paper presented to the discipline of entrepreneurship of Accounting course of higher education unit Don Bosco for note.

In the remaining of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, entrepreneurs have been confused with the managers and administrators, which were viewed economically, as those who organize the company, pay employees, plan, direct and control the actions developed in the organization. But the difference between them is that every entrepreneur, necessarily should be a good Admin, to succeed, but not every good administrator is an entrepreneur. the entrepreneur has something more, characteristics and attitudes that differ from the traditional administrator. Know who your competitors are a key point for the success of an enterprise. Search consumer taste and surround themselves with useful information for your business, are attitudes that make the difference. Today many companies fail at the basic question, not to meet a client or even have an audience/target market. It is very important that you know this audience to start the measure which will be his power of sale.

The strong need for achievement means that entrepreneurs put you in a position to win regardless of the size of the risk or obstacle, successful entrepreneurs need to be aware of the trends that affect your business. Its main objective is to create conditions for the company to operate effectively in the face of threats or environmental constraints, and can also capitalize on the opportunities offered by the environment, so strategic administrator must be able to determine and produce strategic changes, architecting the Organization, as well as make its employees motivated people and able to generate changes "(ANSOFF, 1993). The franchise is undoubtedly an excellent way for the entrepreneur. In Brazil, this mode of entrepreneurship has developed in a special way and accelerated, each year the numbers grow crisis unscathed and oscillations. My Advisor Professor Ivana Canada, for excellence in commitment and attention in the guidelines of this work. Table 2-survival rate of 2 years, for companies established in 2007, by regions and sectors.

The information is an instrument in which Manager is built to take the decisions at some point regarding the company. So for a good performance of its functions, the information for monitoring the development of the activities and to evaluate the results of these actions, tracing this way goals and policies to reach its objectives. Thus the basic goal is to provide information for organizational decision making. According to Medeiros (2014), the characteristics of an entrepreneur are when someone turns ideas into reality, when inova, acts and is dedicated to the maximum, that is, make the change. It is worth mentioning that all people are capable of becoming entrepreneurs, although some can develop such features more easily than others. A business has to be surrounded by care, as an entrepreneur seeking personal fulfillment and creates the expectation of success, independence, and financial stability. However, when starting a business, entrepreneur, venture assumes the risk need to be prepared for the challenges they will have to face. CHIAVENATO, Neena. Entrepreneurship: giving wings to the entrepreneurial spirit. São Paulo: Saraiva, 2006.

The existence of innovative entrepreneurs and new productive combinations is, according to Schumpeter (1982), a necessary condition for the economic development process. The situation in which an economy is in the process of economic development is referred to by Schumpeter as "circular flow economy. For this program selects students from the fifth-grade public school, from low-income families (less than six minimum wages), with school notes reaching at least (7.0) in the areas offering the same, conditions and stimuli for educational and professional backgrounds, right down to the undergraduate levels. However, the program provides financial resources for a small percentage, i.e. 10% may hold postgraduate degrees. Corporate entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship Means undertake within the organization in which you work. intra-entrepreneur see us everyday problems growth opportunities for the company, being able to innovate and constantly.

Entrepreneurship is going through unexpected growth in all its dimensions. Timmons (1990 apud DOLABELLA, 1999) speaks of a quiet revolution, which will be to the 21st century more than the industrial revolution was to the 20th century. According to Schumpeter (1934 apud DOLABELLA, 1999), an entrepreneur can be considered as the engine of the economy, innovation, and change agent, capable of triggering economic growth. This is very important because it means that through entrepreneurial activity, there may be initiatives to lead and coordinate efforts of their own economic growth. Most entrepreneurs have aimed to open a business of lasting, ambitious goals-sized require great creativity and attitudes a little bold to support the company in the market. For Carlos (2009), the market is when the interaction of people or companies looking for products or services that others offer, then there were consumers, suppliers, and competitors this relationship is called supply and demand.

The importance of the entrepreneur to the economy is important, considering that he, to carry out a personal project to transform an idea into profitable, generates employment and income for families, helping to boost the market, conspiring to better results in the aggregate economy. Not limited only to be business owners who only provide goods and services and in the future, are visionary and often get constantly, improving the products and services offered, in market demands still unmet in order to keep the company generating results and profits (CHIAVENATO, 2005). Some people see world as a great gear, head premises, accept either prerogative, fit into routine planning, don't give in to climb the same mountain multiple times by the same hard way, live peacefully, and believe that winning team should not change anything, they think everything is solved in ultimate, since there will always be someone to fix it.

This multinational began learning consultancy and missing three years to retire, came to live in the Brazilian Northeast. The retiring decided to really do what I wish: take care of plants. In 1997, came to live in Jaboticatubas along with his family. It he showed more skill of an entrepreneur: the pursuit of innovation. Register as a contributor for CNPJ (national register of legal entities), in this step, informs you if the activity that the company will exercise, this step has repercussions on taxation, not all activities can fit in the Simples Nacional, where the company gets benefits in various taxes and contributions. And even in this sense, Chiavenato (2005) States that every business has intended to satisfy a potential market with your products or services.


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