Bridge To a Socio-Economic Future More Developed

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Bridge To a Socio-Economic Future More Developed

Mario Persona-nothing happens without people with entrepreneurial vision and willingness to change things. an entrepreneur is restless, you see things wrong or that can be improved and part of the action.

The Per Capita Income variable PRC revealed negative influence on entrepreneurship, confirming the expectation that a lower per capita income are more likely to be more enterprising than countries with higher income. According to Hair et al. (2005), coefficient of-0.5336 reveals moderate association with the dependent variable. This result confirms the hypothesis number 1, indicating that the lower the per capita income of a country, the greater the propensity of people in search of business opportunities by conta-própria: is entrepreneurship. Being a written angular, you could say that this person is firm in his decisions, demonstrating objectivity, convenience, and independence. These may, however, signal, sometimes certain intransigence in accepting new opinions and points of view.

You can, for example, develop and optimize projects that aim to improve the education of children in developing countries, in a suit, there is no limit to the kind of projects that you can work with Mario Persona-there must be a balance so that the projects are not started and abandoned. the entrepreneurial urge is important, but need to be managed so that the new ventures are transformed into results. On a smaller scale, more from day to day, I only see advantages in a team with a high degree of entrepreneurship because entrepreneurs always find new ways to do the same thing, no matter if it's the routine task. the social impact of this idea is directly related to the ability to generate direct and indirect benefits, for the greatest number of people affected by the social problem, and cause significant changes in the structure of the current system. The idea must also be easily assimilated by all people involved, change agents, managers, and executors of the project, partners and, above all, by the beneficiary population.

However, often, Government-led initiatives produce low results. We've seen it in Kuala Lumpur, where BioValley project, $ a hundred and fifty $ milhões, yielded only a handful of biotech companies. In Moscow, organizers spent $2 billion without leaving with a successful startup. Even Santiago, known by your program Startup Chile, put $40 milhões in more than 800 startups-it to have nearly eighty percent of them leaving for greener pastures, in places like Silicon Valley and New York. As for education, the contents of the Northeast follow Brazil's behavior. Entrepreneurs with at most second-degree incomplete are most active. Already the with a second full degree are the presenting less proactive. With respect to family income, greater entrepreneurial activity in a stage set in the income ranges between three and 6 minimum wages and more than 9 minimum wages. As regards the first of these income ranges, the northeastern region has the highest rate of entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur has a real passion for what they do. Passion makes the difference. Enthusiasm and Passion are the main characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Generally speaking, the study concludes that level of knowledge of finance exert a strong influence on an opportunity for an individual to become an entrepreneur. the degree of financial education also has a positive relationship with the success of the enterprise. While the first two measure the temperature of the market and of the entrepreneurs, the third brings indexes related to actions of the public authorities and civil society organization. Among the contents are quality of education, municipal, own resources index support mechanisms to the micro and small enterprise and associations. He also points out how favorable factors to entrepreneurship, the creation of the national simple and business category Microempreendedor Individual (MEI) Had an increase in the number of business formalizações, in recent years, with improvements in the environment authorized ", completed Walter. In Paraiba, for example, the number of MEI has already surpassed the 67000 and represents more than half of the amount of small business in the State.

This evaluation was conducted in a Petrochemical Company in 2007. According to the results obtained through the application of the Assessment model of the degree of organizational innovation ®, it was found that the company adopts only sixty-four percent of routines, practices, and systems that leverage level of innovation in your organization. The results suggest that most critical limiting factor refers to the autonomy granted to officials and employees to innovate through the creative resolution of problems. This seems to have a significant impact on the company's organizational learning capacity. Other factors that seem to restrict the ability to innovate of the Organization are in the models adopted in the management of its human capital. The models of economic growth also had contributions of Romer, 1987 and 1990, the de Aghion and Howitt, in 1992, and Grossman and Helpman, in 1991. They entered on, among other things, the incorporation of research and development, imperfect competition, Government and technical progress (Tenani, 2004). Wences separates 1 hour a day to help others, usually in the late afternoon, when it is in going home from work. The founders of Officenet, Freire, and Bilinkis, defined as objective help three new companies a year, doing presentations, reviewing their business plans and advising on fundraising.

effect of other factors in risk attitude was also low. fact family whether or not a business is not related to the risk attitude and even the importance of being a good student is not strongly related to risk (bivariate correlation (r) = 0, eleven; p < 0.01). Finally, the attitude is negative and weakly related to knowledge for starting a new business (r = .09 sub-zero; p < 0.05), and also with the knowledge to manage a business (r =-06; p > 0.05). Therefore, while a better level of knowledge reduces a little risk aversion, a high level of interest in entrepreneurship does not encourage students to take higher levels of risk. The other components of the GCI variables obtained the following correlations: institutions (INS) (zero .0317), infrastructure (INF) (zero-.229), macroeconomic stability (MAC) (0 .0764), health and primary education (SEP) (zero .1091), higher education and training (EDU) (0.1288), market efficiency (FSM) (zero .3906), financial market Sophistication (SMF) (zero .2621), technological Readiness (PTE) (0.1718) (TME) market size (0 .1828) and innovation (INO) (-zero .0736). These values indicate that the strength of association between these variables and the dependent variable is slight, almost imperceptible. a country with its ability to create and develop the sustainable business of medium and long term.

After this exhibition on the degree of association between variables, are presented, then, the results of econometric models, with the objective of capturing the effects of per-capita income and competitiveness indicators measured by GCI on the rate of entrepreneurial activity. The results for the highest income countries revealed almost all variables of the GCI positive correlations with the rate of entrepreneurship, as measured by GEM. However, only the labor market Efficiency and Sophistication of business are statistically significant; only the first associated positively, while the second, in turn, presented a result contrary to the expected. Juan Carlos Vera and Andres Rodriguez were childhood friends who lived in Colombia and began a business of technology that was soon wiped out by the financial crisis in the country. Years later, after Juan built a mobile solutions company and Andres helped build the Siri, Apple, the two met in Mexico City and developed a technology that helped companies to use artificial intelligence to communicate more efficiently with customers. Note: the author has no Website or personal page on Facebook or any other Social network.

BAUM, J. R. The relationship of traits, competencies, motivation, technique and structure to venture development. 1994.259 p. Thesis (doctorate in Business)-University of Maryland, MD, USA, 1994. Zoom is a new area of consulting and contracting financial products, which has a team of specialist advisors in student funding solutions. Interviews like this are usually made for the preparation of matters, so not everything ends up being published. Eventually, are used only a few sentences in respect of the respondent's statements. Not to lose what I said at the time, I usually write or give interviews in writing. The full text of what was spoken you find here. If you find that this text can help someone, use form below to share. The connection, however, is not always automatic. There are some exceptions. Some cities may have very good social indicators, but not having high entrepreneurship. This occurs through the action of a very strong unique actor, says the Economist Gina Paladino, President of the Curitiba Development Agency. Two or more variables are related if the changes spoken in a variable are associated with a change in another. The higher coefficient obtained, the stronger the relationship and therefore greater predictive accuracy.


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